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Sansin Enviro Stains
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Sansin Is the coating of choice for some of the most exclusive log homes and wood structures in Canada.

Tip: The primary reasons newly applied finishes fail, is due to improper preparation of the wood before the finish is applied. 
Always follow the manufactures pre-staining instructions.
Wood Restoration
  To the right -> is a YouTube Video, created by the home owner, which illustrates the effectiveness of glassblasting.
  We were called in to correct a log home finish which had recently been unsatisfactorily prepared using the corn blasting method, resulting in an uneven, blotchy appearance. The old finish was removed by our crew using glassblasting, a technique we developed and perfected over 25 years,      and the newly cleaned surface was ready for a new coating to be applied.
Professional stain application was done by:
Kashaga Paint Design.
To go directly to You Tube and view the full size video just copy and paste the web address below directly on to your web browser URL search line and hit the ENRER key.!