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If you’re  considering refinishing your log home or wood sided structure and wish us to provide a quote the following details will assist us in preparing one:
- The exact address location of the structure to be refinished
- A current set of digital photos, clearly showing each wall of the               structure to be refinished and it's actual dimensions.
- Close up pictures focusing on severe problem areas.
- Your estimate of the total number of square feet to be refinished.
- Details of any physical obstruction or structures around your building which may hamper access to each of the areas to be refinished. Consider that  both scaffolding and ladders are needed for all building walls and surfaces that exceed 8 feet in height.
- Include any other information you feel is necessary to assist with the estimate.  (eg. seasonal access road, hill side structure, island location  etc)

Time Line: On average the time needed  to complete a project varies from a few days to six weeks. 

Key Factors we have to consider are: the size of the building, number of stories, number of windows and doors to be covered, current condition of  the wood. The type of coating currently in use, is it dry or does it feel gummy ?
Building location, surrounding terrain and the seasonal weather forecast.

Our final quote will be based on our findings when we attend to review your submission and determine what; materials, manpower, equipment and the timeline needed to complete the project efficiently and safely.

To speed up the process you can submit the requested details by
emailing them direct to me: 
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